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BoneDry™ RP Waterproofing Membrane is a modified asphalt emulsion developed for use as a below grade waterproofing barrier. BoneDry™ RP’s low vapor permeance, outstanding adhesion, and superior combination of hardness and flexibility make it a great choice for any below grade waterproofing application. Some typical applications include waterproofing residential basements and crawl spaces.

BoneDry™ RP is spray applied and can instantly build virtually any thickness1 your job demands. Instant thickness means you can install the remainder of your waterproofing system immediately after the product has been sprayed – no additional trips to complete waterproofing because your membrane isn’t cure.

Property Test Method Value
Color   Black/Brown
Non Volatile Solids   63% ± 2%
Density   8.3 lbs/gal.
Coverage Rate   22-25 sq. ft./gal.
Thickness   40 mil (Dry)
Elongation ASTM D-412 > 500%
Tensile Strength ASTM D-412 22 psi
Adhesion to Concrete ASTM C-836 Exceeds
Water Degradation ASTM D-2939 No Degradation
Water Vapor Permeance ASTM E-96 Wet 0.0267 gr/hr*sq.ft.
Mold Growth & Bacterial Attack ASTM D-3273, 3274 No Degradation
Low Temp Flexiblity ASTM C-836 No Cracking
Crack Bridging ASTM C-836 No Loss of Adhesion
Hardness ASTM C-836 75

• Poured Foundations
• Retaining Walls
• Cavity Wall air barrier
• Seamless Flashing

1 To obtain recommended thickness this product must be used with BoneDry™ Accelerator.

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