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GreyHound™ SG is a water based all-polymer spray applied waterproofing emulsion. GreyHound™ SG is solvent free; therefore it is fully compliant with VOC regulations in all 50 states. It provides seamless waterproofing protection for the most difficult jobs with tremendous elongation, strength and adhesion. It is made from the best high performance polymer emulsions available and is custom blended to provide the optimum membrane for the most demanding applications.

• Will not delaminate from wall
• Solvent-free
• 100% rubber polymer

Property* Test Method Value
Color   Grey
Solids   55%-57%
Elongation ASTM D-412 2394%
Tensile Strength ASTM D-412 575 psi
Adhesion to Concrete ASTM C-836 Exceeds
Crack Bridging ASTM C-836 Exceeds
Low Temp Flexibility ASTM C-836 No Cracking
Shore 00 Hardness ASTM C-836 85
*Tested with a 30 mil cured film.

• Block Wall
• Poured Wall
• ICF’s
• Cavity Wall

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