BD3000 is a three-layer system comprised of BoneDry™ waterproofing membrane, BiLar™ polyolefin barrier, Delta™-Drain vertical drainage board, and the DrainMax™ (or Pipe and Stone) foundation drain. Ask any respected architect or engineer what makes a good waterproofing system and they will all answer the same thing – redundancy. Any water that is not first drained away by Delta™-Drain and DrainMax™ must then pass through two more seamless, waterproof barriers; that’s the ultimate in protection, the ultimate in redundancy. See the BoneDry™, BiLar™, Delta™-Drain, and DrainMax™ specification sheets for more information on the individual components of this system.

System Selection:
Select this system for hard to waterproof substrates, humidity sensitive areas located below grade, and places that demand a fail-safe solution for severe-duty waterproofing. Typical applications include ICF and block basements, areas likely to experience extreme settlement or freeze-thaw heaving, remedial waterproofing, deep basements, allergy sensitive residents, below grade rooms containing wine vaults, cigar humidors, electronics, or hardwood floors.

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