Sealed Crawl



BD2500 is a two layer waterproofing system consisting of BoneDry™ waterproofing membrane, Delta™-Drain vertical drainage board, and the DrainMax™ (or Pipe and Stone) foundation drain. BD2500 is your standard one system fits all waterproofing solution. It’s amply tough to hold its own in extreme conditions and economically sensible for residential applications. BoneDry™ waterproofing membrane provides full-coverage protection against water intrusion; Delta™-Drain relieves hydrostatic pressures, protects the BoneDry™ membrane, and drains water across its entire surface. See the BoneDry™, Delta™-Drain, and DrainMax™ specification sheets for more information on the individual components of this system.

System Selection:
Our spray-applied BoneDry™ combined with the outstanding drainage and protection properties of Delta™-Drain make this system ideal for most waterproofing applications. Recommended applications include retaining walls, poured basements, block basements, remedial waterproofing, and sites with course backfill, high hydrostatic pressures, or poorly draining soil. Like all of our systems,
BD2500 installs quickly.

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