Sealed Crawl



BD1000 is a single layer waterproofing system consisting of spray-applied BoneDry™ waterproofing membrane and the DrainMax™ (or Pipe and Stone) foundation drain. BoneDry™ stops the water and DrainMax™ takes it away. See the BoneDry™ and DrainMax™ specification sheets for more information on the individual components of this system.

System Selection:
The spray-applied, 50 mil BoneDry™ waterproofing membrane is tough enough to withstand moderately harsh backfill conditions without requiring a protection course BD1000 waterproofing system is recommended for use on crawl spaces, retaining walls, high-density pre-cast concrete basements, waterproofing within a cavity wall, and anywhere else a seamless, waterproof barrier with drainage is required. The BD1000 system can also be installed as a damp proofing membrane on poured and block basement foundations. DrainMax™ provides excellent foundation drainage at a fraction of the cost and time required to install comparable system.

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