Sealed Crawl



BD2000 is a two layer waterproofing system consisting of BoneDry™ waterproofing membrane, BiLar™ polyolefin barrier, and the DrainMax™ (or Pipe and Stone) foundation drain. Because BiLar™ is available up to 10’ wide it can span most basement foundation walls with any seams or splicing. See the BoneDry™, BiLar™, and DrainMax™ specification sheets for more information on the individual components of this system.

System Selection:
BD2000 waterproofing system was designed for medium duty waterproofing applications such as retaining walls, poured basements, remedial waterproofing, areas where backfill material may damage waterproofing membranes, and anywhere else a seamless waterproof barrier with a protection course and drainage is required. BoneDry™, BiLar™, and DrainMax™ all come in easy to install formats that increase the productivity of your crews. BiLar™ and DrainMax™ can be installed over BoneDry™ as soon as it’s sprayed thus eliminating costly time delays associated with many other spray-applied membranes.

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