ThermalDrain™ is a user friendly synthetic protection board that is a great alternative to fiberglass. Thermal Drain™ is more durable than fiberglass and provides excellent drainage. ThermalDrain™ is also the only protection board providing R-Value that contains 70% post-consumer recycle content. Our environmentally friendly drainage board will not irritate your skin and is easy to work with. ThermalDrain™ is designed to be used with spray applied waterproofing and when used with BoneDry™ WPT from DryDog Barriers provides a great system of protection for many years to come. Contact DryDog Barriers today for more information on how to go GREEN with ThermalDrain™.

Type Thermal
Board Thickness
3/4" 1 3/16" 2 3/8"
Drainage Ability
(Test Method ASTM D-4716*)
Gallons/Hour/Lineal Foot
85 135 270
Thermal Resistance
* Hydraulic gradient of 1.0
R-3 R-5 R-10

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