is a prefabricated strip drain designed to provide a flexible subterranean drainage solution in place of French Drain and is approved for use as a foundation drain. DryDog Barriers provides a variety of DrainMax™ transition fittings to make installation fast, easy, and effective.

Core Property Test Method Value
Material Polypropylene  
Grab Tensile Strength ASTMD-4632 110 lbs
Puncture Strength ASTMD-4833 65 lbs
Trapezoidal Tear ASTMD-4533 50 lbs
Mullen Burst Strength ASTMD-3786 215 psi
Elongation ASTMD-4632 60%
EOS (AOS) ASTMD-4751 100 sieve
Permittivity ASTMD-4491 1.6 sec
Permeability ASTMD-4491 0.3 cm/sec
Flow Rate ASTMD-4491 150 g/min/ft
UV Resistance ASTMD-4355 70%
  (After 500 hrs.)    
Peel Strength ASTMD-1876 38 lbs/ft
Compressive Strength ASTMD-1621 (Mod.) 6,000-9000 lbs/ft
Shear Strength ASTMD-1621 (Mod.) 6,000-9000lbs/ft
Fungus Resistance (Core) ASTMG-21 No Growth
Unobstructed Inflow Area   85%
  (Primary Side)    
In-Plane Flow ASTMD-4716 21 gpm/ft width
  (Hydraulic gradient=0.1,
    Loading=10 psi)

DrainMax™ soil strip drain is a two-part prefabricated soil strip drain consisting of a formed polystyrene core covered on all sides with a nonwoven, needle-punched polypropylene filter fabric. The fabric allows water to pass into the drain core while restricting the movement of soil particles which might clog the core. The core allows the water to flow to designated drainage exits.

Basic Uses
DrainMax™ soil strip drain is designed to replace perforated pipe and stone drainage systems in various applications. It provides a significantly higher flow rate as well as increased ease of handling and installation. The product can be used alone or with other American Wick Drain products, depending on the application.

• 6” x 150’ Rolls
• 12” x 150’ or 500’ Rolls
• 18” x 150’ or 500’ Rolls
• 24” x 150’ or 500’ Rolls
• 36” x 100’ Rolls

  Drain Attachment Methods:
When attachment to waterproofing material, concrete or wood is necessary, several methods may be used including metal stick pins, nails driven through washers or wood lathing, construction adhesives or double sided tape. Discuss materials compatibility with waterproofing supplier before using adhesives. Typically any method used for attaching waterproofing protection board will work with drain.

Fittings are available to connect DrainMax™ to 4” pipe. These are available in several configurations, depending on drain width and pipe location. Details are available upon request.

Splices are available for 6” DrainMax™. Other widths are spliced by peeling back the fabric and interlocking the dimpled core. Afterwards, replace the fabric and secure with tape.

Fittings are available for bending drain around corners. Detailed instructions for installation of fittings available upon request.

Soil should be placed and compacted directly against the drain. Direct compactor exhaust away from drain to prevent damage. Backfill to a minimum 3” above drain to allow for coverage after settlement.

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