X-IE Insulation Nail

This specialty fastener is used for fastening any of DryDog Barriers insulation board products with a powder actuated Hilti nail gun. The X-IE is pre-assembled to enable fast, reliable fastening of any self-supporting or non-self-supporting insulation material. This fastening system is designed for 2” thick insulation products and has a 60mm diameter head that is textured to accept fire retardant mastic when required. No other pin/washer combo performs like the X-IE!

Use the X-IE to increase your profitability by reducing your time on the job and increase the longevity of your system by reducing nail pop outs. The X-IE is just one part of the DryDog Barriers Closed Crawlspace system.

Property   Value
Diameter of Head   60mm
Pin Length   2 in.
Metal Composition   (Nail) Carbon Steel HRC 54
Metal Coating/Plating   (Nail) Plated with zinc 10 – 14 µm
Color   Transparent

Sold in cases of 300.

The fastening pin moves through the center of the plastic head and shank.

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