HydroLoc™ WS

HydroLoc™ WS
is a ready-to-use, non-solvent silicone based water repellent for concrete, GFRC, and most masonry and stucco Surfaces. HydroLoc™ WS helps masonry resist cracking, staining, spalling and other types of damage from water intrusion. HydroLoc™ WS will not impair the breathing capabilities of the treated surface. HydroLoc™ WS has virtually no odor, and is alkaline stable.

Physical Properties Test Method Value
Appearance   milky, white
Active Content [wt %] 8%
Density at 75° [g/cm3] 0.995
pH, Approximate   7.5
Flash Point   > 212°F (>100°C)
Freeze Point   32°F (0°C)
Performance Properties Test Method Value
Water Penetration ASTM E 514 98%
Reduction of Water Absorption ASTM C 140 90%
Surface Discoloration   None
(Depending on Surface)
  1-10 mm
Resistance to Sunlight   Excellent
Resistance to Alkalinity   Excellent
Surface Appearance   No Change

Thoroughly clean the surface using the appropriate cleaning product. Clean newly constructed surfaces before application. HydroLoc™ WS will not impair the adhesion of most sealing and caulking compounds. Always test for the compatibility. Protect vehicles, property, plants, windows and all non masonry surfaces from splash, residue, fumes and wind drift.

HydroLoc™ WS can be applied to slightly damp surfaces, however, best performance is achieved on clean, visibly dry and absorbent surfaces. Excessive moisture inhibits penetration, reducing the effective life and performance.

Use Masking tape to protect windows from overspray. Do not use in windy conditions. If HydroLoc™ WS gets on windows, use soap and warm water to clean windows after the HydroLoc WS has dried.

Do not use HydroLoc™ WS if the temperature is below 40°F or above 95°F.

Always test each type of surface in an inconspicuous place to determine suitability. Do Not Dilute HydroLoc™ WS.

For Vertical Applications either use a Sprayer, Brush or Roller and saturate from the bottom up. Apply liberally and let soak in for 10 minutes. Brush out heavy runs and drips that don’t penetrate. Re-saturate a second time, less HydroLoc™ WS will be needed for the second application.

Saturate in a single application. Use enough to keep the surface wet for 2-3 minutes before penetration. Broom out puddles until they soak in.

Paint Adhesion:
Paint may not stick to treated surfaces. Adhesion can be improved by pressure washing treated surfaces. Some cementitious coatings, plaster, stucco, etc., may not adhere well to treated surfaces. Install them first and let them thoroughly cure before applying HydroLoc™ WS.

Clean up tools with warm soapy water.

May cause eye and skin irritation. For use by professional applicators only. Keep out of reach of children.

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