Delta®-Drain 9000

The ultimate high strength, high performance drainboard ideally suited for demanding horizontal applications in plaza deck, split slab, horizontal flatwork and pavement construction. DELTA®-DRAIN 9000 consists of a three-dimensional, tear resistant core out of Polypropylene and a woven ultra-high-strength PP geotextile with extraordinary filter characteristics. Fully bonding the geotextile to the core's dimple structure prevents the geotextile from being pushed into the flow channels by back-fill material. Water can pass freely and easily through the geotextile and into the drain core where gravity feeds it into the drainage system/pipes. DELTA®-DRAIN 9000 performs extraordinarily well as drainage layer to protect any underground structure against damage from water and moisture. The laminated Geotextile is resistant against high soil-pressures and prevents clogging of the drainage channels in the core product in a reliable manner. The ultra-tough drainage core, thermorformed out of a high-end Polypropylene grade, provides extremely high compressive strength to maintain the integrity of the dimples even under toughest conditions.

Color Black
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Dimple height apprx. 0.4" (10 mm)
Compressive Strength apprx. 18,000 psf (862 kN/m²)
Roll Dimension 6.0' x 50.0' (1.83 x 15.25 m)
Water Flow Rate (v)
ASTM D-4716-99
27 gal/min/ft (334 l/min/m)
Water Flow Rate (h)
ASTM D-4716-99
5.4 gal/min/ft (67 l/min/m)
Temperature range Excellent chemical resistance, no root-penetration, rot-proof, approved for drinking water applications
Toxicity Non toxic, non polluting

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